What is the most important part of your hair care routine?

November 5, 2021   Categories:   Quiz Topics   Author:   Jennifer Trace

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When it comes to your hair care routine the “most important” part is to start at the beginning by building a strong foundation, and that’s accomplished by using the best shampoo & conditioner for your hair and scalp. There are 3 basic hair types, fine, medium, and coarse and each of them have characteristics that will contribute to your decision based on what you’re trying to achieve or fix. Here are the basics of selecting the right products for your hair.

First, fine hair. Fine hair is generally a little limp and lifeless and you will want a shampoo and conditioner that is light weight, but not too drying. Many volumizing shampoos “plump” the hair by drying it out and roughing up the cuticle. While this will give lift to the hair, it’s due to the hairs are being caught against one another like fishhooks and will ultimately cause damage and breakage. There is also technology now that will thicken the hair from the inside without damaging it and protect it from breakage.

***Remember that fine hair shouldn’t be confused with thin hair. Thinning is a separate issue that can affect all hair textures. This can be addressed with products designed for scalp health and follicle regeneration. Check out the articles in our Hair Loss Series for more information on hair loss.***

Medium hair is the most common hair thickness and covers everything between the extremes. These fortunate folks can get away with a lot of different products and as a stylist, I will tend to recommend shampoos and conditioners that will benefit the length and texture of the hair rather than the thickness. Chemically treated hair will need more repairing products, curly locks will need more hydration or smoothing, and with straight hair you might desire more lift. This is where your stylist is an asset by mixing & matching products that are specifically tailored to your needs and wants.

Finally, coarse hair is when each individual strand is thick but often also has high density, meaning that there is a high concentration of hair follicles per square inch. You know these people, the ones that can grow their hair to their waist without it breaking and have a ponytail as thick as, well… a pony’s tail! We love them and envy them; but they too have their hair challenges. Coarse hair is almost always dry and unruly. Like medium hair, they can get away with a lot, but lightweight products are not one of them. They require a ton of hydration and, if their hair is healthy, a simple moisturizing wash and rinse are sufficient. If they have curly or frizzy hair, they will want a smoothing product to soften the hair fiber and make it more pliable, while anything highlighted or chemically treated will also benefit from a repairing treatment.

I always suggest starting with a new shampoo and conditioner before adding anything else to your routine. Often, once you’re using the right basics for your hair, you’ll find that some of those other products, like leave-in conditioners and smoothing creams, are no longer necessary. Then you can build your routine on strong, healthy hair that shines as brightly as you do!  

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