Ladies Cut





Ladies cut includes wash, blow-dry, and style

Men’s Cut





Men’s cut includes wash, blow-dry, and style

Girl’s Cut

10-12 years


Girl’s cut includes wash and blow-dry

Boy’s Cut

10-12 years


Boy’s cut includes wash and blow-dry

Kid's Cut

9 years and under


Kid’s cut does not include a wash, please bring your child with clean hair

Colour Services

All colour services are charged at an hourly rate and includes a set allowance of product required to complete a particular service. Colour, lightener & toner are all covered under this system. Additional products used, above and beyond the set allowance will be charged to the client. This program takes into consideration the thickness and length of each client’s hair, insofar as more hair will take longer and therefore cost more and vice versa.

The duration of each appointment is approximated based on average hair length and thickness and will be modified at the scheduled appointment based on the time needed for the actual service.

Additional services, such as a deep conditioning treatment, bond additive, or scalp therapy, may be recommended by your stylist at an additional cost, however it is always at the client’s discretion to accept or decline the service.

Please read the service descriptions carefully to ensure that you are booking for the appropriate appointment. 


Journeyman. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Senior Apprentice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Junior Apprentice (Extended Time) . . . . .


Root Colour

1 hr 15 mins – no cut

1 hr 45 mins – with cut

A root colour service is an application of a single process colour to the regrowth area, generally under 1 inch of regrowth. Can be booked with or without a haircut and includes a blow-dry and style.

Mini Highlight

1 hr 30 mins - no cut

2 hrs - with cut

Highlights at the hairline and through the part only, 12-15 foils. includes toner, blow-dry, and style. An economic choice for in-between larger highlighting services.

Solid Colour

1 hr 45 mins – no cut

2 hrs 15 mins – with cut

A solid colour service is the application of a single process colour to the entire length of the hair. This may be a fully permanent colour or a combination of permanent and demi-colour at the stylist’s recommendation. Can be booked with or without a haircut and includes a blow-dry and style.

Partial Highlight

1 hr 30 mins – no cut

2 hrs – with cut

Highlighting a partial head includes the sides and top of the head, from the front hairline through to the crown area. Can be booked with or without a haircut and includes toner and a blow-dry and style.

Continental Balayage

3.5 hrs – no cut

4 hrs – with cut

Hand-painted lightener to frame the face and refresh the ends of an existing balayage or on virgin hair. Root colour, toners, and bond additive are included with a blow-dry and style.

Full Highlight

1 hr 45 mins – no cut

2 hrs 15 mins – with cut

Highlighting of the full head includes from the front hairline through to the nape of the neck. Can be booked with or without a haircut and includes toner and a blow-dry and style.

Global Balayage

4.5 hrs – no cut

5 hrs – with cut

Hand-painted lightener throughout. Root colour, toners, bond additives are included with a blow-dry and style.

Add Root Colour

+30 minutes

Re-touch root colour combined with any highlighting service.

Other Services and Add-Ons

Wigs & Hair Pieces

Available for purchase by special order.


Book a consultation appointment for options and pricing.


Removal of existing extensions


Preparation of extensions for re-installation


Purchase of new hair and installation by consultation only

Permanent Wave

Journeyman Price


Apprentice Price


Consultation appointment required

Permanent Straightening

By Consultation only


Consultation appointment required

Hair Botox Keratin Smoothing Treatment



plus $12.50/oz of product used


Due to the extremely high cost of this product, it is charged in addition to the per hour cost of the stylists time.

Blowout Style

45 mins +

Journeyman Price


Apprentice Price


Wash, blow-dry, and styling with a round brush or hot tools

Bridal Up-do

1 hr 30 mins

Journeyman Price


Apprentice Price


Up-do service with an additional consultation appointment


1 hr 15 mins

Journeyman Price


Apprentice Price


Wash, blow-dry, heat styling, and pinned up as desired

Bond Additive w Home Care



In-salon treatment with step 3 take-home product




In-salon treatment. Moisturizing or Strengthening

Cocoon Wellness Pod

What is a Cocoon?

The Cocoon Wellness Pro from Uvalux is many things in one relaxing pod. The ergonomic bed utilizes vibration massage to relax stiff muscles, while a Himalayan salt tile and personalized aromatherapy remove stress; but first and foremost, the Cocoon Wellness Pro is an infrared sauna with many therapeutic uses. Infrared light is the harmless, invisible wavelengths that warm our bodies on a sunny day, which are different from the harmful ultraviolet wavelengths that cause sunburns. Infrared wavelengths heat the body by raising its core temperature rather than the air around it, allowing the heat to be absorbed directly into the tissues and inducing a deep, relaxing sweat response that cleanses the body of toxins. Infrared saunas are much more comfortable than traditional saunas because the air around you remains cooler. Science has discovered many uses for infrared, from a 15 min power nap to weight loss to pain management. Whatever your goals, there is a Cocoon program for you!


First 30 minute introductory session: $15

1 x 30 minute session


3 x 30 minute sessions


5 x 30 minute sessions


Unlimited monthly sessions

1 month


6 months


12 months



I recently tried the Cocoon Wellness Pod. WOW! It was amazing. Not only was the treatment great but my experience from my initial call to when I arrived was wonderful. I was educated on the pod and how it worked and post service I was able to share my experience. I will be back!!! 5 Stars!!!!!


Therapeutic Uses


Unwind with the “Thermo Relaxation Program”. This setting offers a soothing vibration massage and ideal ambient temperature to promote the release of endorphins, providing profound relaxation and stress relief. You will leave with that wonderful sauna “after glow”.


The “Wellness Program” is the perfect way to fight illness and reduce congestion. Studies have shown that whole body exposure to heat causes the immune system to produce white blood cells more rapidly. This helps to fight illness, kills viruses and relieves sinus congestion from colds and allergies.


Burn calories using the “Weight Management Program”. The sweating process alone requires energy, which is derived from the conversion of fat and carbohydrates. Fat becomes water soluble at 43 degrees Celsius and is then able to be released through perspiration. Increased heart and metabolic rates can burn 600+ calories during the 30-minute Cocoon session as the body requires more oxygen to support the high cardiac output experienced and continues up to 48 hours afterwards.


Get in shape with the “Thermo Fitness Program” and take your workout to the next level. Heart rate and cardiac output increases from 60-70 beats/min to 110-120 beats/min in response to the rise of the body’s core temperature. After the cooling off stage, heart rates can drop lower than average before finally stabilizing back to normal. This is a key component when conditioning the cardiac muscle and improving the cardiovascular system as a whole.


Infrared heat has been used all over the world for the treatment of minor aches and pains that are a natural part of aging, as well as specific chronic pain conditions like arthritis, bursitis, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. The increased blood flow can also aid in healing from stiff joints, sprains and other soft tissue injuries.


You will see the results of improved skin conditions with any of the Cocoon programs. Sweating improves circulation to the skin and allows for the natural balancing and replenishment of the skin’s oils. Impurities, bacteria, and dead skin cells are purged from the epidermis and sweat ducts so that your skin is left glowing with increased elasticity and reduced roughness. Conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis can also be improved through continued use.


Enjoy a good detox with any program you choose to experience. As the body’s temperature rises, blood vessels dilate, and blood flow moves heat to the skin’s surface. This signals the central nervous system to engage the millions of sweat glands covering the body to produce sweat in an effort to cool the body down. While sweat is 99% water it also contains various toxins, such as lead, copper, zinc, nickel, and mercury, that are absorbed daily from our environment. This also helps to reduce the detoxification load put on the kidneys and liver, thereby improving their function as well.

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