Who Are We?

The Refinery is so much more than a business, it represents the world I want to create, live in and leave behind for my children. I’m a Mom, wife, stylist, business owner, mentor, sister, daughter, friend, pet-owner, home-owner, tenant, client, patient; a person, just like you, and I want to be the kind of person my kids can look up to.


At The Refinery, we reflect on our Mission Statement and it’s 3 guiding principles in order to remain accountable to our clients and ourselves when making business decisions.

Ethical | Sustainable | Transparent


Ethical means different things to different people. To me, it means doing right by people. An honest wage for honest work, a fair price, and good service. I believe that if you are ethical in what you do and how you treat people, the rest will follow. Maybe that’s naive but it’s how I was raised.

Our clients want to pay a fair price, receive great services and enjoy their time at the salon. We also recognize that everyone has a budget, especially now! We budget for food, shelter, clothing, but do you budget for your hair or esthetics? At The Refinery, we respect your budget and stay within it. We don’t have the right to spend your money and your expectations may not align with your budget, but we can help reconcile your vision into reality. We want to work with you to achieve what you want within your “Beauty Budget”.

See our SERVICES page for more details


Everyone wants to do their part to be more environmentally friendly but there’s “talking the talk” and there’s “walking the walk”. And it’s hard, even inconvenient and expensive, but it’s worth it if we want to leave a planet behind for our kids, grandkids, and so on.

Waste is a major issue in the salon industry. Thousands of pounds of foils, hair, and chemicals go to the landfill or down the drain every year. We utilize a locally-owned company, Style Recycling, to recycle these items for us, as well as our plastics, hair tools, and aerosol cans. They even turn hair into compostable garden grow mats containing 6x more nutrients than manure.

In Addition, we only use and sell products that align with our beliefs. They must be PETA certified, sustainably made, and be free from harmful ingredients to make it into our salon. We continue to improve as new products and services become available. That is our promise!


We want our clients to understand what they are paying for when they visit the salon. Hair services can be expensive and there can be reasons for that. Here are the top 3 expenses for any business, not just salons:

  1. Commercial rent varies dramatically depending on location. Downtown and trendy neighborhoods can be much more expensive than a residential area.

  2. Along with rent, management fees, property taxes, operating costs, and insurance can be equal to the cost of the base rent.

  3. Wages, salaries & commissions can vary wildly depending on the business. We have a combination of all three and the busier we are, the higher the expense.

  • Rent (2021)


  • Operating Costs


  • Property Taxes


  • Management Fee

    $ 312.94

  • Signage

    $ 250.00

  • GST (On Rental Expenses)

    $ 328.58

  • Insurance

    $ 175.00

  • Accounting

    $ 500.00

  • Salon Software

    $ 380.00

  • Beverages Services

    $ 150.00

  • Marketing/Social Media


  • Total

    $10,105.24 per month

This is equal to approximately $50.00 in profit that the salon requires every hour just to pay the bills and stay in business. Using our pricing system of $80.00/hour, it breaks down like this:

*There are some exceptions, see SERVICES page for more details*

  • Commission to Stylist

    $40.00 - 45.00

  • Products for Service


  • Power/Water/Misc. Etc


  • Total

    $55.00 - 60.00

  • Profit to Salon

    $20.00 - 25.00

This means that the salon requires 2 – 3 clients in the salon getting services every hour of every day, that we’re open, 52 weeks per year.

I want my stylists to learn and grow in their careers, to have goals of their own that they can achieve through education and mentorship. I don’t subscribe to the notion that hairdressers are merely staff that work for scraps while the business owner walks away with the lion’s share. Stylists have invested tens-of thousands of dollars and years of ongoing training into their careers, and they deserve to be respected like the specialists that they are and paid accordingly.

Jennifer Trace

Owner, Journeyman Stylist

Jennifer Trace

Owner, Journeyman Stylist

  • Enjoys both the artistic nature of being a stylist and the analytical nature of running her own business.

  • 30+ years in sales and customer service and 15 years as a Stylist.

  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Mount Royal University.

  • Certificates in both Leadership and Power Communication from Rapport Leadership International.

Cecilia Shannon

Manager, Journeyman Stylist

  • Cecilia has worked hard to become a leader among her fellow stylists.

  • Master Extensionist with Babe Hair.

  • Session Stylist with Kevin Murphy.

  • Passion for complex colour formulations and stunning blondes.

Amy Grabowski

Journeyman Stylist

  • 15 years of experience.

  • Strives to bring out the natural beauty of every client that sits in her chair.

  • An excellent listener that pays close attention to detail.

  • Confident with short and textured hair types.

Makaila Blumhagen

Senior Apprentice Stylist

  • Confident and professional approach.

  • Instructional style to teach clients about their hair needs.

  • Specializes in Balayage and “lived-in” colours.

Lauren Cleveland

Journeyman Stylist (Part-time)

  • Lauren has been doing hair for over 20 years and from the beginning she has enjoyed the process of helping a woman to find her own beauty. As a colour educator, she is passionate about creating custom colours, especially reds, for her clients. In her time off she is busy with family and a full house of foster dogs along with 3 dogs of her own.

Jessica O’Krane

Junior Apprentice Stylist

  • Jessica is joining The Refinery team as an Apprentice Stylist following her graduation from MC College. Having been placed with us for a 3 week practicum, Jessica felt like a natural part of the family from day one. She is confident in her skills and has a willingness to learn and ask for guidance when needed. You are in good hands with Jessica!


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