4 Ways to Conceal Your Roots Until Your Next Appointment

October 7, 2021   Categories:   Tips & Tricks   Author:   Jennifer Trace

If you colour your hair, then you have dealt with regrowth and the pains of trying to hide them until your next hair appointment. Here are 5 simple ways to conceal them or blend them in between visits.

Invest in a quality touch-up product

There are 2 main types of touch-up products: a spray or a powder. Both are great but have different ways of application that might make one a better fit for you over the other. Root Touch Up by Kevin Murphy is a great spray and comes in 4 colours, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Auburn and Black. This one is a great option for the quick touch up on a solid colour when you’re concealing greys. It’s easy, spray-on application hits the part and hairline, dries quickly and you’re on your way.

With Kevin Murphy’s limited colour range however, you may need to look at our other favorite, Root Cover Up by Color Wow. Boasting 8 shades, from Platinum to Black, your options are endless! This compact powder formula looks more like an eyeshadow palette than a root powder. You can use this product in so many ways, more than just conceal your greys, although it does that to miraculous effect. If you have thinning hair, it can be used to fill in the spaces for a fuller look. If you want that money piece at the front, you can add it in with one of the blondes, you can even draw in your highlights that have gotten 3 inches down your head. Just load up the brush with powder and tap it into your hair, gently fluff the hair to allow the powder to settle in and your set! And here’s my absolute favorite part… IT’S WATERPROOF! Yep, that’s right, you can stand in the rain having that rom-com moment without looking like Rudy Giuliani!

Change up you style

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have the right products on hand or maybe your appointment is in 2 days, but you have that big presentation or date, changing the way you style your hair can be enough to “fake it until you make it!”

Shift the focus away from your roots by parting your hair in a different spot where you have less greys or boost your roots with a healthy dose of volumizer. POWDER.PUFF by Kevin Murphyis a great root powder that adds lift and texture to the flattest of hair. You can also distract by adding texture like soft beachy waves, create them with a hot tool or texture product like a surf spray.


Who doesn’t like a little extra? Anything can work, from a simple barrette to a rhinestone headband, there really is something for everyone out there. In the same way that changing your style can distract from your overgrown roots, adding interesting accessories to your hair can do the same. This is also a way for you to hold the hair up, down, back, or whatever to hide the parts you’re wanting to conceal.

Go Wild with Tinted Conditioners

Feeling stuck in a rut? Get creative with a semi-permanent, tinted conditioner. This can give you a dramatic (but temporary) change while simultaneously disguising those roots. This option is reserved for the lighter hair colours however, since a fashion shade isn’t likely to show up on darker browns. There are some fantastic coloured conditioners and masks out there such as the Alchemic collection from Davines, offering several shades including pink, blue and teal. They’re easily applied to the hair like a mask and allowed to sit for 20+ minutes and then rinsed out. The added bonus is that your hair gets some extra love and comes out feeling soft and shiny! Depending on how often you wash your hair, these colours last a couple of weeks, fading a bit with each wash.

If you’re still struggling with ways to extend the time between visits, ask your stylist at your next appointment and they’ll be able to guide you in the right direction!

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