JAN 19/2021 – RE-OPENING

Well, here we go again! We will open our doors on Thursday, Jan 21st. We decided to take our time and open when we were truly ready and not in a mad dash! This re-opening doesn’t feel like the last one. Maybe because we were only closed for 5 weeks, but also because it’s January and that is usually a slow time for salons. It doesn’t feel like we need to go at the break-neck pace we did in June or before we closed in December. We have resolved to stick with 8 hour days and not burn ourselves out. We’ve all been through the ringer and probably feel a little chewed up and spit out into this new year. I think 2021 will be about self care!

Take care yourselves and each other! Jennifer


As you have likely heard by now, we are going to be shutting down for at least 4 weeks, along with many other businesses in Alberta. This is difficult for us but we will be back when we are allowed to reopen. We have extended our hours for the remainder of the week in order to accommodate as many appointments as possible in the time we have left. Many of us are working 10, 12 and even 14 hour days. We will be exhausted but then we can sleep for a month! How does that saying go? “Sleep when you’re dead”, we just might be after this week. Bear with us, be patient, be safe!

Thank you all for your continued support and love! Jennifer