From single use plastics to carbon footprints, everyone is trying to do their part to be more environmentally friendly. And every bit helps, but there’s “talking the talk” and then there’s “walking the walk”. And let’s be honest, it’s hard, even inconvenient and expensive at times. It’s worth it though, if it means leaving a planet behind for our kids, grandkids and so on.


We’ve worked hard to seek out companies and products that align with our beliefs. This began during the design and construction phase by choosing a tankless water heater, reclaimed wood stations and high efficiency appliances. We have installed EcoHead sprayers at our sinks, using 65% less water than conventional sprayers and we switched our coffee service to Nespresso because of their fair trade practices and integrated recycling program.

The products that we use and sell at the salon are all green companies as well. They must be PETA certified, use sustainable ingredients and have a zero or negative carbon footprint before we even consider them for use at The Refinery. Kevin Murphy, for example, has partnered with 4Oceans to produce 100% Ocean Waste Plastics (OWP) packaging. Neuma, a California-based company, delivers “Performance Without Sacrifice” with their natural haircare products that are free from a myriad of harmful ingredients commonly used in the beauty industry.

Waste is also a major issue in the salon industry. Thousands of pounds of foils, hair and chemicals go to the landfill every year. We have employed with a local salon recycling company, Style Recycling, to recycle these items for us, as well as our plastics, hair tools and aerosol cans. They are even able to turn the cut hair into compostable mats that contain 6x more nutrients than manure.

We will continue to improve and do more as new products and services become available. That is our promise!