That means we will work with you to find a style you can afford to love!
Your stylist will help you to develop your personal “Beauty Budget” and create
a customized plan for year round maintenance.


That means we believe in taking care of our planet.
We only use and sell products that are environmentally friendly and sustainably made.
Everything has been selected or designed to leave a minimal ecological footprint on this Earth.


We reveal the costs associated with running our business.
From rent, operating costs and property taxes to coffee, hair colour and shampoo.
We want our clients to know what they are paying for and why services cost what they do.

Ethical: What is a Beauty Budget?

Imagine you had a plan for your hair and spread it out over the entire year? Wouldn’t it
be comforting to know when your next appointment is and how much it’s going to cost?
It would allow you to plan ahead for vacations, weddings, spring break, summer holidays,
back to school, holiday parties and more! Here’s an example…

Let’s say that you have dirty blonde hair with some grey.
You want some highlights to brighten your blonde and a base colour to cover your greys.
Your stylist might recommend a larger first appointment to get you the look you want and follow it up
with a couple of root touch-up only appointments just to cover the greys. Then maybe a mini-highlight
around your face and part, along with your regular root colour, just to brighten up the highlights again.
It’s half the price of a full highlighting service but reinvigorates your colour just where you need it.
Plans like this cuts down on the time and money you spend in the chair.

You could look great all year long and afford to do it!

Sustainable: How are we going to save the world?

We have worked hard to seek out companies and products that align with our beliefs regarding
carbon footprints and environmental impact. We started during construction and design by choosing
reclaimed wood stations and high efficiency appliances. Our wash stations have EcoHeads
that use 65% less water than conventional sprayers and we switched from Keurig to Nespresso
because of their fair trade practices and integrated recycling program for the aluminum pods.

The products that we choose to use and sell are green companies as well. Such as Kevin.Murphy,
which uses 100% Ocean Waste Plastics (OWP) in their packaging and Neuma, which is produced
at a factory run entirely on wind power.

We have also partnered with two Certified B Corporations, Davines and Green Circle Salons.
Davines is an Italian line of hair products that engages in old world farming techniques
and sustainable ingredient selection. Green Circle Salons is a Canadian company that recycles hair,
foils, unused chemicals and spa waste to turn them into green energy.

Our goal is to become a Certified B Corporation within the next 5 years, which would make us
the first hair salon in the world to hold this distinction.

Transparent: What does everything cost?

RENT $3,194/month

OPERATING COSTS $1,067.33/month

PROPERTY TAXES $1,282.92/month

MANAGEMENT FEE $289.71/month

SIGNAGE $262.25/month

INSURANCE $163/month

PAYROLL TAXES (EI, CPP etc.) Avg. $5,000/month (+/-)


MARKETING $500/month

BEVERAGES (coffee, wine etc.) $150/month

POS TERMINAL 2.75% on every transaction


SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER (1 litre) $40-60

That is more than $50.00 for every hour our doors are open