30 minute consultation required. A test patch will be performed to proceed with further treatments.

Upper Eye Lids (1hr) – 350
Lower Eye Lids (1hr) – 350
Crows Feet (1hr) – 350
Upper Lip (1hr) – 300
Lower Lip (1hr) – 300
Neck Lift (1.5hrs) – 1200
Mini Face Lift (1.5hrs) – 1200
Stomach (1.5hrs) – 1200

Achieve a more youthful look without risky cosmetic surgery’s, with the revolutionary technology of Fibroblast. Fibroblast offers a non-invasive face/eye lift and tightening, neck tightening, wrinkle reduction, and can significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. During the procedure, a small electrical arc (similar to tiny lightning bolt) is released from the hand tool, which is held close to the skin without touching it. The electrical arc creates a tiny dot on the skin, which turns solid’s into gas; this process is called sublimation. These small dots are created on the affected area in a symmetrical grid, in which results can be seen immediately. Within 4-6 weeks post-treatment, full results will be visible.

The procedure itself is virtually painless and only requires topical numbing cream, and takes 30-60 minutes depending on the desired area for treatment. Post-treatment, carbon crusts will form and fall off within 5-7 days. During this time, an after-care cream will be provided to apply to the affected area.

It is our goal to ensure that you achieve the best results possible. For all Fibroblast services, an in-person consultation is required to assess the desired areas for treatment.